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Terms of Service DULCEDO.EU

Regulations governs the rights, responsibilities and principles dulcedo.eu portal users.

Use the portal dulcedo.eu is synonymous with acceptance of the Rules and the conclusion of the service contract within dulcedo.eu.


Concepts and definitions.

1. dulcedo.eu - the portal''s proprietary DULCEDO, Catherine Sobieszczyk, entered the Business Register by the Municipal Office Jablonna under No 3776, located at: 05-110 Jabłonna, ul. Przylesie 44a, NIP: 955-195-28-99, REGON: 141942477,

2. user - the buyer or seller, an individual who is aged 18 years and has full legal capacity (a minor, can only be a buyer under the supervision of a member a legal guardian), legal entity, and entities without legal personality,

3. item - an object, product or service offered by the seller on the portal dulcedo.eu,

4. user account - an account in the portal dulcedo.eu, This account is unique, and founded by the same user during the registration process, properly conducted,


1. Dulcedo.eu user of a natural person who is aged 18 years and has full legal capacity. A minor, can only be under the supervision of the buyer user guardian. Member is a legal entity, and entities without legal personality,

2. User is fully responsible for any action taken under your account. It also can not infringe rights of third parties.

3. Full user registration will take place after completion of a voluntary registration form where you enter your contact information: name and surname (company name, etc.), e-mail address, username and password.

4. Successful completion of user verification followed by properly completing the application form and confirmation of such notification by following a link, which will be sent to the user''s e-mail address.

5. You are responsible for maintaining your account password confidential and not share it with third parties,

6. Portal has the right to verify the data provided in the form the user by asking for copies of documents.

7. You may not be detrimental to dulcedo.eu, or other portal users.

8. You acknowledge that you have placed the right to their data and content on dulcedo.eu.

9. You consent to the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the Law on the Protection of personal data and undertakes to update them.

10. Data (including photos) will be used within the business and improve sales portal, where you do not agree by the seller of the above report it in writing or by electronic mail, to dulcedo.eu portal.

11. Dulcedo.eu has the right to forward user data with third parties acting on his behalf. eg, recovery, performance of contracts.

12. Dulcedo.eu not responsible for the information and content that are placed by users of the portal as part of their accounts.

13. You have the right to have only one user account, if you want to assume more of the consent must be obtained dulcedo.eu.

14. Failure to abide by the Rules dulcedo.eu, deletes the user account without giving any reason and may lead to legal action against the user,

Buy - Sell.

1. Proof of purchase of goods in dulcedo.eu is tantamount to signing a contract for the sale of the distance between the seller and the buyer.

2. The buyer is obliged to pay a fee to the purchased goods within 7 days from the date of the contract for the sale of short-circuit. In the absence of payment within the prescribed period the seller is entitled to claim payment of goods, amounting to 100%, and dulcedo.eu the commission for sales.

3. Payment methods available in dulcedo.eu: prepayment to the account-transfer portal, or through platnosci.pl. Transfer details:

Catherine DULCEDO Sobieszczyk

ul. Przylesie 44A

05-110 Jablonna

Bank Name: MultiBank

account number: PL 78 1140 2017 0000 4002 1030 8601


4. Issues raised in the purchase contract should be settled by the parties ie the buyer and seller. Dulcedo.eu may participate in resolving the issue of payment or the result of compliance with the offered goods received by the buyer.

Dulcedo.eu of concern for the welfare of members may undertake to mediate in difficult cases.

5. Users do not have the right to conclude contracts for the sale of goods offered in dulcedo.eu outside the service, with the exception of the gallery''s own.

6. Dulcedo.eu has the right to cancel the contract without giving a reason for not paying such contract by the buyer, due to force majeure.

7. In case of doubt as to the size of the product or any doubt about the goods, the buyer is obliged to ask the seller about this before ordering. Dulcedo.eu allows direct contact with the seller.

8. Featured Products dulcedo.eu must be high quality. In the event of failure to comply with this condition may dulcedo.eu the product removed.


The complaint does not provide, damage or loss of shipment:

1. In the case of shipment failure, the complaint will be dealt with after the maximum time for delivery of the shipment and transport service to resolve the complaint. Time limits shall be calculated in accordance with the rules of the company supplying the consignment.

2. Buyer must notify the seller and of the fact that you do not receive dulcedo.eu purchased goods. Seller shall promptly submit a claim after notifying the company that will be responsible for its delivery.

3. The buyer is obliged in case of damage to goods during transport reported above under the terms of the company providing the goods.


4. If the seller does not send the goods, it is the duty of his departure or at the request of the buyer''s immediate repayment of any debts for goods purchased and incurred costs. The buyer is also entitled to assert their rights in accordance with applicable law.

5. The buyer will be refunded the entire amount paid only in case of positive decision on the complaint (eg, lost shipment, failure) by the company providing the service delivery.

The complaint in the case of non-conformity with the description:

6. In case of non-conformity with the description or photographs should immediately inform the seller and dulcedo.eu. In this case, the product must be grossly different from description and photo.

7. Differences which may arise from improper monitor settings, among others. resolution, color does not constitute grounds for complaint.

8. If the claim is for goods, please return it to the address of the seller or the gallery above gives dulcedo.eu.

Goods must be intact, with tags (if included), and decorative packaging (if it was attached) and proof of purchase. The buyer is also obliged to protect the goods in a way that protects it accordingly. Seller has the right to choose the form of the return, but it can not exceed the cost of shipping which has suffered for sending the goods. The consignment may not be posted for downloading, as well as sent to the address dulcedo.eu, unless agreed upon between the buyer and the portal will be different. Goods wrongly sent to dulcedo.eu not received.

9. If the claim is reimbursed the buyer for the goods, together with the amount of the damage costs per item and return to the seller.

Complaint goods during use (warranty):

10. Goods are subject to complaints if they arise during the use of the defect.

11. The buyer should immediately notify the seller and the resulting defects dulcedo.eu of goods. Buyers may be called to a fuller description of the defect, as well as provide photos damaged goods.

12. Reference carrying the defective goods is by sending to the address specified by the seller dulcedo.eu. The buyer is also obliged to protect the goods so as to prevent damage during transport.

13. The seller is obliged to repair or replace the product with new or different agreement with the buyer.

14. Dulcedo.eu not be responsible for selling merchandise in the portal users.



1. If the purchased product fails to meet the expectations of the buyer he has the right to return within 10 days of receipt. Refund will be realized if you keep all of the following conditions:

* Notice dulcedo.eu and seller stating their wish to return: the buyer, along with bank account number, which is to be paid the amount for the goods.

* The goods must be paid to the address provided by dulcedo.eu intact, along with tags (if included), and decorative packaging (if it was attached) and proof of purchase. The buyer is also obliged to protect the goods in an appropriately secure it. The consignment may not be posted for downloading, as well as sent to the address incorrectly dulcedo.eu.

2. Seller does not pay the buyer the costs incurred to ship the goods, as well as costs incurred in returning the goods.

3. Dulcedo.eu or dealer will return the product immediately upon receipt by the seller of the product in accordance with the conditions contained in paragraphs. 1.

4. In case of damage during shipment of returned goods a person claiming to be notified of the above in accordance with the terms of the company providing the goods.


5. A failure of the goods the buyer is required to lodge a complaint within the company providing the service delivery. Please note that the freight is properly insured in the event of his disappearance. The cost of compensation for lost shipping covers the cost of its return.

6. Goods, which was made on special order buyer, or where the request for changes, non-refundable.


1. Sellers may be an individual who is aged 18 years and has full legal capacity or legal persons and entities without legal personality.

2. The seller is obliged to account for the sale in accordance with applicable law.

3. Sellers put up the goods (a brief description, pictures) after approval by dulcedo.eu (acceptance is due only to the need for correction of translations in English and German.).

4. Goods may not be offered on other sites besides their own by the Seller.


1. A seller may receive comments have been made for sale and sold by him.

2. In the case of too many negative comments seller''s account may be closed.

Sales and shipment.

1. The seller is obliged to set up your account by entering the required data (personal data, billing information, characteristics of the author''s photo).

2. Seller exposing the goods must have them all right.

3. Communication with the seller may take place only through dulcedo.eu available on the messaging system.

4. Seller can not persuade you to make a purchase outside dulcedo.eu and placed in the shipment information such as web address, no. gg, email address, telephone number etc.

5. Products are sent immediately by the seller after the payment is for goods by dulcedo.eu. But no later than 2 working days from the date of booking amount in your account dulcedo.eu. For a long period of waiting by the customer put such information in their vendor.

Shipping costs.

6. For each product, it is possible to give two shipping prices, one for a single shipment, and the other for more products. In case of buying more than one product from one seller''s shipping cost is calculated as follows: the highest amount of shipping costs for that single product, plus the amount of shipping products other than specified for shipping with other products.

Fees and Services.

1. Creating an account at dulcedo.eu user does not involve bringing any charges.

2. Dulcedo.eu charges a commission on sales. The commission is determined individually with the seller, who agrees to append it to the price you want to receive.

3. The amount of shipping product is added to the base amount on which commission is calculated.

4. The seller of each 10-th of next month will receive funds from the sale of products in dulcedo.eu. transfer to a designated bank account, for which he is no charge.

5. The seller has the right to dulcedo.eu track clearance for the sale of your account.

6. Pursuant to the Regulations after payment by the buyer on account dulcedo.eu gains rights commission after the expiry of the possibility of returning the goods purchased by distance contract.

7. If the buyer after payment, and before sending the product by the vendor has exercised his right of withdrawal referred to in the "Returns" of these Rules, the commission referred to in paragraph. will not be charged.

Settlement - a VAT invoice.

1. According to the law, VAT invoices need not include the signature issuer, the recipient''s signature or stamp.

2. At the request of the seller for a commission VAT invoice is sent after the period. In another case, it is possible to print from your account.

3. Archiving requires the printing of the current VAT invoice when you log on to the seller to the account.

4. The legal basis for the issue and share in your invoices is a Decree of the Minister of Finance dated 28 November 2008 on the tax return for some taxpayers, invoicing, how they store and the list of goods and services, which are not applicable exemption from taxes on goods and services (Journal U.2008.212.1337).

5. Taxpayers with the general rule in the Tax Code are required to keep the printed original invoices until the tax liability limitation (5 years). These documents shall be preserved in its original form in the division for the periods and in such a way that they are easy to find.

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