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The complaint does not provide, damage or loss of shipment:

1. In the case of shipment failure, the complaint will be dealt with after the maximum time for delivery of the shipment and transport service to resolve the complaint. Time limits shall be calculated in accordance with the rules of the company supplying the consignment.

2. Buyer must notify the seller about the fact that he do not receive object. Seller shall promptly submit a claim after notifying the company that will be responsible for its delivery.

3. The buyer is obliged in case of damage to goods during transport reported above under the terms of the company providing the goods.


4. If the seller does not send the goods, it is the duty of his departure or at the request of the buyers immediate repayment of any debts for goods purchased and incurred costs. The buyer is also entitled to assert their rights in accordance with applicable law.

5. The buyer will be refunded the entire amount paid only in case of positive decision on the complaint (eg, lost shipment, failure) by the company providing the service delivery.

The complaint in the case of non-conformity with the description:

6. In case of non-conformity with the description or photographs should immediately inform the seller. In this case, the product must be grossly different from description and photo.

7. Differences which may arise from improper monitor settings, among others. resolution, color does not constitute grounds for complaint.

8. If the claim is for goods, please return it to the address of the seller:

Dulcedo Katarzyna Sobieszczyk, Al. Kalin 55/29, 05-500 Piaseczno

Goods must be intact, with tags (if included), and packaging (if it was attached) and proof of purchase. The buyer is also obliged to protect the goods in a way that protects it accordingly. Seller has the right to choose the form of the return, but it can not exceed the cost of shipping which has suffered for sending the goods. The consignment may not be posted for downloading.

9. If the claim is reimbursed the buyer for the goods, together with the amount of the damage costs per item and return to the seller.

Complaint goods with defect:

10. The buyer should immediately notify the seller about defect of goods. Buyers may be called to a fuller description of the defect, as well as provide photos damaged goods.

11. Before shipping the items are checked by us if it do not have any defect. If, however, will go to your items from the disadvantage that after verification in accordance with an earlier point. 10 we will be refunded the charge for purchased items or if we have items without defect we will send a new item.

12.The buyer may be asked to return the object on address of the seller. (these will be used only if we wish to avoid similar situations in the future).

13. Dulcedo.eu not be responsible for selling merchandise in the portal users.



1. According to the Act of 2 March 2000 "On protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product If the purchased product fails to meet the expectations of the buyer he has the right to return within 10 days of receipt. Refund will be realized if you keep all of the following conditions:

* The goods must be paid to the address provided by dulcedo.eu intact, along with tags (if included), and decorative packaging (if it was attached) and proof of purchase. The buyer is also obliged to protect the goods in an appropriately secure it. The consignment may not be posted for downloading.

* All returns must be sent to:

Dulcedo Katarzyna Sobieszczyk

Al. Kalin 55/29

05-500 Piaseczno


2. Seller does not pay the buyer the costs incurred to ship the goods.

3. Dulcedo.eu or dealer will return the product immediately upon receipt by the seller of the product in accordance with the conditions contained in paragraphs. 1.

4. In case of damage during shipment of returned goods a person claiming to be notified of the above in accordance with the terms of the company providing the goods.

5. A failure of the goods the buyer is required to lodge a complaint within the company providing the service delivery. Please note that the freight is properly insured in the event of his disappearance. The cost of compensation for lost shipping covers the cost of its return.

6. Goods, which was made on special order buyer, or where the request for changes, non-refundable.

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